FMWhatsApp V9.41 has been updated!Do you know what new features have been added?

Yo WhatsApp V9.41 has been updated. The latest version of Yo WhatsApp fixes known issues and adds some new features. Yo WhatsApp V9.41 not only makes the original interface more modern and elegant, but also takes into account functional improvements. Fouad WhatsApp allows users to change the background styles and themes of conversations in the app, as well as advanced privacy features.

FMWhatsApp V9.41 has been updated!Do you know what new features have been added?

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  • Issues have been fixed with the new version of Yo WhatsApp.
  • Fixed Go to first message
  • Fixed Show messages from all participants in group chat.
  • Fixed the group message counter on the group info page.
  • Fixed: Doesn't work correctly when admin deletes messages in groups
  • Fixed connections not working
  • Fixed: House style not working
  • Fixed: WhatsApp lock does not work
  • Hidden/viewed/muted status update does not work
  • Fixed the display of admin badges for random members
  • Other: Other bug fixes and improvements

New features in the latest version of Yo WhatsApp

Enable search to find unread filtered messages. This feature is very useful for office workers. In hectic working days, we often miss important emails because we have too much to do. This feature can help us find the unread filtered emails.

The ability to share your location with friends and family. If your contacts want to know exactly where you are, you can share your location in real time so they can find you easier and faster.

Leave the group private and keep it secret from everyone. You've probably been forced to join too many groups that aren't useful to you. If you decide to leave a group, the system will inform all members that you are leaving. This inevitably leads to embarrassment, and Yo WhatsApp allows you to leave a group without only the administrator receiving this notice.

Added the ability to share multiple images/videos/files at once from the chat to an external application. The old version only allowed sharing one file, which was very inconvenient for users who wanted to share multiple files. In the new version, this problem has been solved very well.

I WhatsApp has many more interesting features that you can try. You can update it or download it.

  • Enable quick reply status.
  • Enable a new UI privacy design status.
  • New emojis and stickers packs.
  • Enable new drawing pencil
  • Ability to send audio messages
  • Enable the new text status interface